Thank you for your interest in managing a domain!

Here we will explain what forms of contribution we’re looking for and what’s in it for you.

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If you’re ready to put skin in the game, Proimages Communications is ready to work with you! Proimages is building a new content network and is looking for bright, industrious individuals interested in helping by focusing on business goals in your local area. Everything else is provided as a turn key evolving web solution. If you’re interested in joining our network as a domain manager, you can earn up to 70% of all revenue generated from your efforts. You can choose your own hours and have a job or run another business, our goal is simply to develop and support a new type of private business network where you have a say in all aspects. This is not for scammers and spammers we have no place for your goals!

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With just a single one-time payment of $100 to indicate your serious and established, you can become a site manager and work with our full suite of evolving WordPress plugins. You will learn about how our content network can help you turn a domain into a vehicle for high-user-engagement. We are interested in your prosperity and developing as many win win win ( YOU | THE CLIENTS | US) situations as possible. If you have what it takes to turn a site into a business and create what it deserves to be, we are able to offer you up to 70% of the site revenue and a turn key business solution. With over 50 revenue models and proven goals to follow, your job is to build relationships and collect the cash! We plan to build a dedicated forum and back-end solution for site managers to learn and share from each others successes! Join our facebook group for now.

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In life, you must strive to help others strive. It’s important to take action and set goals and follow through with the goals. The worst thing in the world is to see your life in retrospect with 20/20 vision and realize you had a chance. Don’t live in regret, Take action! By helping us turn a small site into a large site that it deserves to be! You will learn new skills and be in charge of your own destiny!
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