Domain parking is not really the right phrase. We are growing a domain from day 1 our site incubator will help find the winners in your domain list and ramp them up first! Our goals are long term and dedicated to building a better web each site is tuned and optimized by a new type of database!
Each site becomes a node in our larger network of content sites. This is a work in progress but is not new we've been around for a long long time!

Our version of domain parking is a brand new situation and based on win win partnerships help build our domains into sustainable content sites.By creating revenue for our managers we simultaneously ramp up the value of your domain, Win win! Because our systems are login free and open information and content like music, news and arts. We are building a private network without limitations.

If you have sites that you want to park please fill out our registration form. We will let you know the accepted sites in 2-3 days.

If you have a topic you love we have a site waiting for a manager to take over. Join Us!